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The network of alumni that includes about 1,000 graduates is also a proof of the value of the Romanian-French INDE MBA. Holding top positions in various companies or running their own successful businesses, our graduates enjoy speaking about the INDE courses, exams and professors. They also have pleasant memories of the intense sessions for preparing their Dissertation. The friendship they have developed with one another is strong and seems to last for long. As a result, the INDE Club Association has been founded.

This has become the meeting place of all former INDE students who want to keep contact with one another, to exchange experience and share expertise. For more information about the Alumni please visit the alumni website (flow link).

The Romanian-French INDE MBA holds a double accreditation

Master of Business Administration - International degree, accredited by AMBA

MBA Romano-Francez INDE - Romanian master diploma, accredited by ARACIS
Expand your Horizons

EH 22: Talent Management
Andrei Ion, PhD, Managing Director, CEB/SHL Talent Measurement Solutions
Thursday, May 4, 2017, follow link

EH 23: Accounting and financial advisory market and business environment in Romania
Marcel VULPOI, General Manager - Vulpoi&Toader Management (VTM)
Thursday, May 18, 2017, follow link

EH 24: The Romanian business environment
Sorin ANAGNOSTE, Advisory Services, EY
Wednesday, 5 July, 2017, follow link

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