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As a student in our 24 months program your rights and benefits extend far beyond attending classes. The core of the MBA experience is all about team projects, consultancy contracts on real-life organizations, networking sessions and other activities outside the curricula. Our students are permanently encouraged to get involved in as many activities as possible and to get the maximum benefits from the two years of MBA education.

The international teaching staff, associate professors and consultants are always planning new experiences to test the students in various and innovative ways and to prepare them for the real thing. Many of our students choose to get involved in challenging projects by offering consultancy in the non-profit sector or for SMEs with high growth potential, in order to test their abilities and present a final paper that simply stands out through its results and social impact. Each student represents a very important resource to the Programme both in terms of interaction, reaction, information sharing and knowledge development and of strengthening the corporate culture.

Becoming one of the elite students studying at the most prestigious economic university in Romania – become INDE scholar.
The 1st year students (flow link).
The 2nd year students (flow link).

The Romanian-French INDE MBA holds a double accreditation

Master of Business Administration - International degree, accredited by AMBA

MBA Romano-Francez INDE - Romanian master diploma, accredited by ARACIS
Expand your Horizons

EH 24: The Romanian business environment
Sorin ANAGNOSTE, Advisory Services, EY
Wednesday, 5 July, 2017, follow link

EH 25: Challenges and opportunities facing the syndicated loan market
Anamaria POPESCU, Senior Banker Loan Syndication/Corporate Finance – BCR/Erste Group Bank
Thursday, 2 November, 2017, follow link

EH 26: Expand your Horizons - The Public-Private Partnership
AOctavian Costescu CEO at NoCost Consulting Thursday
Thursday, 23 November, 2017, follow link

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