About Courses

The classes are organized as follows:

  • 1st Semester (starts at the end of September – ends in mid-February)
  • 2nd Semester (starts in mid-February – ends in June)

Study trips :

  • Mandatory Study Trip: one-week study trip to the CNAM Paris – France (travel, accomodation and meals will be covered by each participant)
  • Optional Study Trip: one-week study trip to the University of Berkeley– USA (special tax, travel, accomodation and meals will be covered by each participant)

Holidays are fixed every year, with the following calendar:

  • 2 weeks for Christmas (end of December – beginning of January)
  • 1 week after the first semester and before the beginning of the second semester (mid-February)
  • 2.5 months during the Summer Holidays (July – September, excluding study trips)

Classes will be held at the end of the week in an hybrid format (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday), having the following structure:

  • In campus classes for approximately 2/3 of the weekends
  • Online classes for approximately 1/3 of the weekends
  • There are usually 22 weekends per academic year


The teaching staff is composed of professors from CNAM Paris and professors from ASE Bucharest, together with specialists from the business environment.

The Professors are specialists with solid teaching experience and business expertise at national and international level.

Classes are based on a challenging interaction with a view on building a sustainable partnership for a successful future professional development.

* We use business cases provided by HBS, offered to students by the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC) from Harvard Business School (HBS), with the support of OMV Petrom S.A.