For admission to the INDE MBA program, the following steps must be followed:


The first step

Enrolment for Admission (2nd of May 2023 – 20th of September 2023)

A scanned copy of the enrolment file will be sent to the following email addresses: and/or


The second step

The pre-selection of eligible candidates ( until 15th of June 2023- first round and until 20th of September 2023- the second round for the remaining available places)

The list of eligible candidates for the interview, who are selected on the basis of the enrolment file, will be displayed.


The third step

Interviewing the pre-selected candidates (June 2023 – first round and September 2023- second round for the remaining available places)

Interviews with the pre-selected candidates will take place.


the fourth step

The announcement of successful candidates

The lists of candidates who are successful, unsuccessful, or on the waiting list will be displayed on the notice board and on the website at, in alphabetical order, within 24 hours from the end of the interview.

admission requirements

For the entrance examination to INDE MBA program, graduates with bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, regardless of the field and year of graduation, who additionally meet the following requirements: they have at least three years of professional experience and have knowledge of English communication, are entitled to participate.


The admission interview is held in English in front of a board of professors made up of representatives from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) ( – Bucharest Business School ( and the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts from Paris (CNAM) (

The structure of the interview is:

  • A brief self-description
  • Experience and personal projects from the professional and managerial point of view
  • Exercise of identifying problems affecting the operation and performances of one’s own company
  • Simulation of a case of self-responsibility in the context of organizational change of one’s own company
  • The level of knowledge of English (knowledge of French is an advantage)
  • The candidate’s expectations from the MBA program
  • Significant steps taken as holder of the MBA diploma

For the evaluation, each member of the examination board assigns a 10-1 score for the following criteria, calculating the weighted average:

  • General Behavior 20%
  • Professional Experience 30%
  • University training 30%
  • Other Qualities (interest for the study, foreign languages, potential for leadership and entrepreneurship, etc.) 20%

The minimum admission grade point average is 7.00