Building a strong curriculum is the only way to excel and get the most out of the MBA experience.

A comprehensive multi-annual study is conducted since the 1st year of our programme in order to keep the class package up to date and centred on the real needs of the turbulent business environment.

The curriculum includes the following classes grouped into 4 semesters:

1st Year

1st Semester

➜  Orientation

➜  Economics

➜  Business Law and Ethics

➜  Financial Accounting

➜  Marketing Management 

➜  Expand Your Horizons 1

1st Year

2nd Semester

➜  Managerial Accounting

➜  Management of Information Systems

➜  Statistics

➜  Corporate Finance

➜  Organization Behavior

➜  Expand Your Horizons 2

2nd Year

3rd Semester

➜  Operations Management

➜  Negotiation

➜  Human Resources Management

➜  Strategy

➜  Career development

➜  Expand Your Horizons 3

➜  Final Project

2nd Year

4th Semester

➜  Business Communication

➜  Project Management

➜  Advanced Finance

➜  Entrepreneurship

➜  Innovation Management

➜  Ethics and Academic Integrity

➜  Internship

The Romanian-French INDE Professional MBA Program is delivered over 2 academic years, plus an extension of maximum one year for each academic year

The classes schedules are divided in 2 semesters per year:

Holidays are fixed every year, with the following schedule:

Classes will be held at the end of the week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), having the following structure:


The teaching staff includes professors from ASE and CNAM, as well as successful entrepreneurs and business specialists who are often invited as guest speakers.


The Professors are specialists with solid teaching experience and business expertise at national and international level.


Courses and seminars are based on a challenging interaction with a view on building a sustainable partnership for a successful future professional development.

The teaching staff is a strength of the program and gives strength to our graduates’ future performance. 

** We use business cases provided by HBS – Microeconomics of Competitiveness: Firms Clusters and Economic Development (MOC) – a university-wide graduate course offered to students by The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC) at Harvard Business School (HBS) with the support from OMV Petrom S.A.