Innovation Management

This course helps students to dive in the Innovation Management theory and discuss around practical case studies in order to be able to incorporate in their professional activities some of the concepts and principles of the Innovation Management. Having Blue Ocean as one kind to approach innovation, they will focus on the following questions and topics: what innovation is and why does it matter, the different types of innovation and the concept of disruptive innovation, the process of managing innovation, the importance of an adequate leadership and organization of innovation, the sources of innovation and the need for a strategy to shape search for opportunities, the concept of innovative business models and their role for value creation, the internal and external dynamics of collaborative innovation.

By the end of this module, students will:

  • Know the main processes and organizational models of innovation
  • Be aware of the need to open the company to external sources of knowledge and to develop collaborative approaches to better innovate
  • Know how to manage innovation, and especially how to capture and protect value through innovative business models.
  • Learn and understand the drivers for innovation
  • Find out how to tackle the complexity and identify ecosystems of innovation
  • Know what the sources of innovation are and how they can access innovation communities and lead users
  • Understand how to use the Business Canvas Model
  • Get a deeper understanding of disrupting innovation and collaborative innovation


Area Developer for Romania SANDLER TRAININg

Anne Berthinier PONCET

Professor CNAM PARIS