This module integrates the core concepts of Data and Statistics in the practical context of solving real business problems by the application of statistical ideas, concepts and methods. In particular, the unit aims to give students exposure to the statistical and non-statistical issues that arise in statistical problem solving. Students develop the ability to understand appreciate the nature of statistical problems and discuss the statistical problem solving cycle: identify a statistical problem; recognize appropriate statistical techniques for use in a variety of problems, and apply these techniques competently; recognize situations in which familiar techniques do not apply; answering business questions at an appropriate statistical level; give a verbal summary of a statistical investigation, answering the business question, at a level appropriate for the audience; and discuss the ethical aspects and implications of professional statistical work.

By the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate statistical techniques and apply the most appropriate statistical technique for solving a given business problem
  • Enhance your critical thinking skills through self-reflection and peer assessment
  • Write reports at an appropriate statistical level and give a verbal summary of a statistical investigation at a level appropriate for any audience whenever necessary

Alecsandru STRAT

Associate Professor PhD and Dean BUCHAREST BUSINESS SCHOOl

Miruna Mazurencu